Advanced Aromatherapy


The School of Natural Health Sciences

A Diploma Correspondence Course of 15 Lessons.
Home study is the modern, flexible way to learn holistic medicine. No attendance is necessary.
All courses are conducted by distance learning.
This Advanced Course is a must if you take your studies seriously and want to progress to the highest level. It will enable you to practise with a
high degree of expertise as a Professional Therapist.
We explore in much more detail the properties of essential oils, their uses and therapeutic qualities. We also look at the treatment of specific ailments and conditions, and how we use oils for healing and balancing energy centres. There is also a deeper examination of ailments and illnesses, and how Aromatherapy treatments can alleviate some of these.


The Aura (Colour and subtle Aromatherapy Massage)
The Chakras
Treatments for the Chakras – (energy fields)
The Emotions
Trauma (massage treatments for clients)
Back and Shoulder Massage
Treatment for Skin Conditions- Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne etc
Treatment for Arthritis and Rheumatism
Treatment for Babies
Treatment for de-toxing the Liver
Essential oils to break down environmental pollution
Skin care with essential oils
Pendulum use for selecting essential oils
Treatment for CelluliteThe Aromatherapist as a Professional
Closer Study of Base Oils
Treatment with 24 Rarer Oils - Jasmine, Neroli, Myrrh etc

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The School of Natural Health Sciences
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Students wishing to enrol on this course must hold a Practitioner/Therapist level qualification, in this subject. Those who have achieved these qualifications from training establishments, other than the School of Natural Health Sciences, are also very welcome to enrol on this course.
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