Develop a Cross-platform Mobile App using Intel XDK



When it comes to cross-platform development you may be well versed with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 but you don’t have the necessary tools to be able to successfully develop a mobile app due to lack of a proper framework or IDE perhaps. But, it is all about to change now. With Intel XDK you get a very integrated approach towards cross-platform application development using a variety of device specific API’s. Now you can directly emulate virtual devices to get a look and feel of your application while being able to emulate crucial device frameworks like the accelerometer, compass, geolocation, etc. You are then provided with very simple tools that make debugging and performance testing your application much easier.


Introduction and Setup
Start Setting up Intel XDK working environment (1:40)
Start Walkthrough of the Intel XDK Environment (4:18)
Start Course Preview :Learn to build a cross platform mobile app using PhoneGap
Start Importing Applications (4:18)
Integrating your application and using sample API’s
Start Sample Applications (4:18)
Start Suggested Courses for You!
Start Debugging and Profile (3:31)
Start Learn Mobile First Web Design using Bootstrap
Start Course Preview :Learn to make a Mobile App from Idea to App Store in 60 Minutes?
Start API Demonstration and some more sample apps (3:31)
Start Third Party Services (3:31)
Building & Deployment to Various Platforms
Start Building your application for iOS Devices (3:31)
Start Building your application for Android Devices (7:26)
Start Building your application for Windows Phone Devices (2:24)
Start ?Suggested Courses for You!

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